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Hi everyone!

We are a bit late sending out this update, hence the Christmas tree in the video. Actually, I must sheepishly admit that it is still up :) James has the excuse that his family liked to leave it up past Epiphany, I have no such excuse.

In December, we got a pikipiki! A pikipiki, as you'll see in the video, is a motorcycle, which is a very common means of transportation here. We're so grateful for it; it is such a blessing to have a quicker way to get around! We hope it'll be good for getting around the rougher roads in the villages around our future home in Tabora. Currently, we still take our bikes to school, which is closer than town, to save money and get a little exercise. But it is pretty hot here so we always look forward to chances to ride!  

We're continually grateful to you all for helping us get here to Tanzania last year. We reflect on where we were last year, struggling to raise support for our translation project, and we thank God for each of you. We hope you are excited about the new year and that you feel God sustaining you as we do! 

We could not do this without you!

Sincerely yours,

Jenneka and James

PS. If you have any questions about our life here, we'd love to hear from you and answer them in future videos. Maybe if we get enough we can do a Q&A video. Thanks!!