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Hello everyone!

We have some exciting progress in our project! See our video.
Please praise God for:
- all the new blessings and developments in our project! (You have to watch the video to find those out haha!)
- our translators, Patrick and Kefas
- new computers for our translators
- the safety and health of us, our PBT teammates, and Tanzanian friends
- always, we're thanking God for our reliable and capable truck!
Please ask God for:
- continued safety and health for us and Patrick, Kefas, and their families, and for our 3 guards and their families
- for Patrick and Kefas as they learn new skills and start the translation work
- James' and Jenneka's ability to train and administrate the project in Swahili, both in person now and virtually August-early January
- a successful trip back to Canada in August (for Jenneka's sister's wedding and a short furlough/fundraising time)
- approval for a Seed Company grant, which will fund our translators' salaries 
Most especially on our hearts right now, is a major prayer request which will greatly impact our future work. In August, our current visas to Tanzania expire. We plan to try to renew our visa application a couple months before we plan to return to Tanzania in January. Many missionaries in Tanzania have been denied for visas since late last year. As you may remember, our second option if we're denied visas for Tanzania is to try to move to Uganda and make frequent trips back to Sikonge. However, the desire of our hearts is to live and form deep relationships in Sikonge for the next several years, and to be able to go to the office every work-day to work alongside our translators. Please be in prayer with us for this.
We realize that the past few months have been so strange and may have been difficult for you, and we pray for you. Please drop us a line if there are some specific prayer requests we can be praying along with you. 
Thank you for praying for us. We're able to be in this work by God's grace and your generosity, prayers, and kind encouragement.
Jenneka and James