Tyler Strickler
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Dear Friends and Family:
This probably is not news to you, but we’ve been doing a lot of travelling lately!  We returned to Seattle last week after a couple months in Minnesota and Ontario.
We spent Christmas with James’ sister and her family in Bloomington, MN.  We really enjoyed celebrating the holiday with the family, playing board games with Corrie and Todd, and playing with our cute little nephews!
We stayed with Jenneka’s parents in Watford, and really enjoyed reconnecting with them and with her siblings and their families.  We had several speaking engagements at Jenneka’s home church of Forest Baptist, and came away feeling encouraged as people were interested in the work. We had several people join our support team! We want to extend a special thank you to our supporters in Canada, and for Forest Baptist Church’s warm welcome and generous gifts to our ministry.
We also took a trip to Ottawa (where Jenneka did her undergrad, about a seven-hour drive from her home town).  We made a long weekend out of making a visit to Jenneka’s former church there.  We had a good experience, meeting with some very encouraging people.  Also, James had never been to Canada’s capital before, so we did a little sight-seeing!
Now we are back in the Seattle area for a while.  We were pulled aside at the border and thought for a while Jenneka might have some issues re-entering the States, but praise God that they understood our situation and let her through another time on a visitor visa.  Jenneka has been given until June 30th to leave the country.
So, we are setting our sights on finishing our partnership development (as we call support-raising, as we are really looking for people to partner with us) so that we can go to Tanzania soon.  Our goal is to leave this June!  To that end we need people to financially partner with us on a monthly basis especially, so that we can cover 100% of our overseas monthly budget.  Currently we are at about 50% of that.
Thank you so much to our generous supporters and dear partners in mission. God bless you all richly!