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Dear friends:
Welcome to the many new people we’ve recently added to our email updates! And thank you to those of you who have followed our journey faithfully for the last couple years.  We are excited to be partners with all of you in bringing the Bible to the Nyamwezi people of Tanzania!
We fly to Ontario June 27th! We have been grateful to visit many of you friends in the Seattle area lately, and get the chance to meet with many people before we leave! We will miss our dear friends and church in this area, but it will be good to be back in Ontario too. We’re so grateful for my parents, who continually open their home up to us, and I’m very much looking forward to spending lots of time with them and my siblings, and our church there. We will be there until we are ready to leave for Tanzania, flying out of Toronto.
Some frequently asked questions:
- “When are you going?”     We can buy tickets when we are at 90% of our monthly budget raised and go when we’re at 100%. We have also applied for our Tanzanian residence and work permits, and those can take 4+ months.  We plan to be ready to leave when we receive those, Lord willing.
- “Have you been travelling around visiting lots of churches?”     Unfortunately, churches in which we have not been members are not usually able to take on new missionaries or have them speak. Our main supporters are friends and members of our home churches.  If you have a social group, friends or family you know might be excited about the work of Bible translation, we would appreciate if you wanted to connect us with them. A sincere thank you to those of you who have already been advocates for us!
- “What are you bringing? Will you have things shipped over?”     We’re trying to bring over just the essentials – what we can fit in our checked luggage. That includes items we might not be able to get there or would be significantly more expensive there, like our work laptops, some clothes, shoes, some water filter equipment, etc. We’ll cover more on that later, hopefully in our videos!
- “Are you excited?”     YES! We can’t wait to go!

We are at 88%! Praise God for His provision, and thank you for your generosity!
Prayer and praise report:

- Please pray that God would raise up the rest of our team of financial supporters. 
- Pray for smooth, quick processing of our Tanzanian work and residence permits.
- James starts an online class (his last before we go) this week. I’m so proud of all that James has been doing, as here’s a lot of different tasks to finish up before we leave the US! Please pray that he would be able to keep   up with his class, and get meaningful learning from it.
- Pray for spiritual and emotional protection from the Lord.
- Praise for the celebration of two years of marriage on May 24th! I love my wonderful husband!
- Thanks for God’s grace and loving-kindness towards us in so many ways, including YOU!