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Dear Partners in Ministry:
We are so grateful for each of you, for the part you play in our journey to Tanzania.

Last weekend, we, along with help of the missions committee of our church in Redmond, WA, hosted a lunch and presentation about our ministry with Pioneer Bible Translators. Around 90 people came, and we hope they enjoyed the Tanzanian food and hearing more about our future work among the Nyamwezi people of Tanzania! (We are so sorry; we meant to get pictures but got caught up in all we had to do. We're disappointed. :(

Through this event, we received new financial and prayer partners to our team, increasing our monthly partnerships by $500! We are very excited and thankful to all who have stepped out in faith so that the Nyamwezi people can receive a Bible in their heart language, and come to a saving faith in Christ too. We have about $1000 in monthly partnerships left to raise, which “translates” to about 10 more partners giving at $100 a month! Please pray for these people who God will add to our team! And let’s thank God for those who are part of our team through either monthly or one-time gifts and prayers.
We have begun filling out our residence and work permit applications for Tanzania, which feels like another giant step closer to our goals! Over the next two months until the end of June, we will be continuing our partnership development in the Seattle area and saying our good-byes to friends, before we need to move back to Ontario because of Jenneka’s visa running out. We will hopefully be departing from Toronto to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in the summer!  We can leave when we have 100% of our monthly budget raised.

Lately, I (Jenneka) have been listening to Audrey Assad’s music a lot and a line from one of the songs she sings has stuck in my head:

No storm can shake my inmost calm,
While to that rock I'm clinging.
Since Christ is lord of heaven and earth
How can I keep from singing?
We have been experiencing God’s goodness even in the midst of some hard things and spiritual attacks, so please continue to pray for spiritual and emotional protection for us. But we also wanted to share some of the hope we’ve been feeling, and hope it speaks to you to in the things you have to deal with. How can we keep from singing?

Jenneka and James