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October Update - Bakers in Haiti

-Bakers in Haiti- We are so thankful for everyone who has partnered with us as we serve in Haiti.After a summer full of activity it is nice to be settled back into our “normal” routine.  The temperatures are slowly... Read More


Getting a Tanzanian drivers license

- Lundeens Lens - Back in the US we complain about the DMV - how long it takes, how indifferent the employees are to our suffering and impatience, the short office hours, and so on. Well, maybe our experience... Read More

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Summer in Canada

We have arrived in Canada for our mid term break and are enjoying time with family and friends and the calmness of the countryside.  It is such a blessing to be able to worship with our home church family and spend... Read More


Our First Aid Kit (Video Update)

- Lundeens Lens - I’ve always liked first aid kits, ever since I was a kid. I remember putting together first aid kits for my family when I was very young based on lists I would find somewhere, even though I had... Read More


Getting Some Dresses! (Video Update)

 - Lundeens Lens - Checkout our Website! Read More

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April Showers... (Video Update)

- Lundeens Lens - Check out our Website! Read More

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More than a To Do List

- Montgomerys with MAF - As I started my day, I prayed,"Lord, help me to see the people and not just my to-do list". I got started on the laundry, washed the dishes, and headed out to the market, butcher and grocery... Read More


March Moving, Mtihani, and Monkeys

Lundeens Lens - March Update Click here to visit our Blog Read More

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A New Home for the Cledanor Family

- Bakers in Haiti -  Meet the Cledanor family.   As a result of hurricane Matthew thier family home was destroyed and they were forced to live with another family from the church.  Mr. and Mrs. Cledonor have 3... Read More

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Everybody is Selling Something

- Montgomerys with MAF - Buying local is a phrase we hear most around the holidays or during summer's produce season, but here in Uganda it is everyday life.  All the basics and even some special items, can be... Read More