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Everybody is Selling Something

- Montgomerys with MAF - Buying local is a phrase we hear most around the holidays or during summer's produce season, but here in Uganda it is everyday life.  All the basics and even some special items, can be... Read More

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Making Progress on the Training Center

- Bakers in Haiti - The month of January has been full of activity as we have started construction on the lower wall of the training center property.  This wall is a huge undertaking since it is going to be a large... Read More


We got a Pikipiki!

Hi everyone!We are a bit late sending out this update, hence the Christmas tree in the video. Actually, I must sheepishly admit that it is still up :) James has the excuse that his family liked to leave it up past... Read More

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New Sights and Experiences

In the week leading up to Christmas we took a trip up to the northern region of Uganda, to Karamoja, and visited friends up there at their mission base.  It was great to get out of the city and see more of  Uganda,... Read More