God has commissioned His church to preach the gospel to all nations.  For that reason, we are heavily involved in missions.  We support three missionaries through Canadian Baptist Missions, and are acting as the sending church of four families who one or both spouses grew up here at Forest Baptist. To get to know our missionaries, check out our news page, where their news letters are posted or click on their name to your left.


Lundeens vehicle fund

Vehicle Fund for Lundeen Bible Translation Project (Video Update)

- Lundeens Lens - Donate: https://www.pioneerbible.org/give/jam... (be sure to pick vehicle fund if desired when giving)Blog: http://www.lundeenslens.com/ Read More


Moving Forward in 2018 (Video Update)

- Lundeens Lens -  We hope you are enjoying your February! We hear from many of you, and hear how you are looking forward to spring and warmer weather. Here in Tabora Tanzania, we've been enjoying cooler weather... Read More