God has commissioned His church to preach the gospel to all nations.  For that reason, we are heavily involved in missions.  We support three missionaries through Canadian Baptist Missions, and are acting as the sending church of four families who one or both spouses grew up here at Forest Baptist. To get to know our missionaries, check out our news page, where their news letters are posted or click on their name to your left.


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Mikumi National Park: favorite photos

- Lundeens Lens - At last, a chance to post some more photos! Taking pictures in Tanzania has been challenging for me. I had aspirations to take National Geographic style portraits, but I haven't for a couple... Read More

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October Update - Bakers in Haiti

-Bakers in Haiti- We are so thankful for everyone who has partnered with us as we serve in Haiti.After a summer full of activity it is nice to be settled back into our “normal” routine.  The temperatures are slowly... Read More


Getting a Tanzanian drivers license

- Lundeens Lens - Back in the US we complain about the DMV - how long it takes, how indifferent the employees are to our suffering and impatience, the short office hours, and so on. Well, maybe our experience... Read More