AWANA Car Rally

AWANA Car Rally

This annual event allows our clubbers from the T&T and TREK clubs and their leaders to take a block of wood and axles and wheels and turn it into an amazing racing machine! Imagination and Gravity are the only things that power these cars down our track, racing 4 cars at a time. We’d invite any member of our congregation who’d like to race to get in on the action too! Some of the cars look like cars or trucks, but we have also raced hairbrushes, Toblerone bars, Swiss cheese blocks, bananas, fish, refrigerators and rockets. The only limits on design are the technical specifications of size and weight. Cars are judged on design (both cars that look like cars and our novelty entries) and are raced to see who has built the fastest set of wheels! 

Dates you need to know:

January 16 is Pit Crew day – we transform the gym into a wood shop, with tools and craftsmen to help our clubbers shape their blocks of wood, ready for the clubber to take home and finish.

January 22 is early car registration – this makes race night go smoother, so please bring your completed car for weigh in, tune up and registration; we’ll keep the car in a safe place until race night.

January 29 is our car rally – event begins at 6:30 provided all the cars are registered and ready to go, so bring your car early to complete your registration if it isn’t already done.


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